Does Solid Wood Flooring Need Underlay?

Does Solid Wood Flooring Need Underlay

For the past decade, hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring category for its attractive look. And if are you doing some research about hardwood flooring, you must notice that the durability of your wood floor largely depends on its support elements.

Proper use of support elements ensures the long term success of your hardwood flooring setup. Here, we talk about one of the most necessary elements of the best wood floor installation; underlay.

Many people often asked “Is underlay needed for solid wood flooring?’’ We answer “of course’’ with confidence in this question. Here we are to help you understand the benefits of an underlay. Read this before buying your underlay for your new hardwood floor.

Why an Underlay Is Needed for Your Wood Floor?

Underlay is more than a good carpet on the surface for hardwood flooring. An underlayment layer makes a huge difference when it comes to a new hardwood floor installation. It makes a more cozy feeling and it will help protect your investment for many years.

It Helps to Reduce Noise

The difference of sounds between a hardwood floor with underlayment and one without it is significant. Underlay in wood flooring minimize the shrill sound of the floor when you walked or moved on it.

Underlayment setup also absorbing the vibrations made when you moving around on the wooden floor.

You can easily reduce noise from upstairs rooms and between adjoining rooms by using underlayment in wood flooring. So it gives your floor a more pretty walking sound. It’s great!

Provides Thermal Insulation Facilities

Underlayment also provides some thermal insulation facilities. It helps to create a more comfortable room setup by adding to the floor some natural insulation. It’s especially helpful for you when you want to install a wood subfloor in colder areas or on a concrete slab.

Moisture Resistance Ability

Underlayment helps to protect the wood layer from harmful moisture. And we all know, for any type of wood floor, moisture is a common natural enemy.

The underlayment put back immanent moisture from entering your hardwood floor from below. This moisture proved criteria helps to limit the seasonal expansion of your hardwood flooring. sounds very good! Isn’t it?

Underlay Extends The Lifetime Of The Wood Floor

At the same time, underlay extends the life of your wood floor. How? When you lay an underlay on your wood floor, you can see that it creates a barrier between the wood & wood flooring which ensures the longevity of your flooring setup. It also keeps the wood floor looking better for longer.

Underlay Keeps Your Wood Floor Warm

And if you want to gain more comfort from your wood flooring, you must think about the warm floor. Yes, your guess is right, again here the underlay is the hero!

A good quality underlay to reduce the damp cold from the wooden floorboard and makes a warm feeling on your feet when you walking on the floor. It also provides a cushioning effect which helps you to enjoy your walking experience to a greater dimension. 

Wrap Up

We hope this article helped you to find your answer. Whenever you go to implement a new product in your house don’t forget to research well.

In your quality of life, a new hardwood floor is a major investment for your home.   A proper underlayment can help make your new hardwood floor perform greater, sound better and last longer.