How To Remove Ceramic Tile From Plywood?

How To Remove Ceramic Tile From Plywood

Are you thinking of removing ceramic tile from your plywood base?

If you’re interested to do it & want to know the procedures – then you’re in the right place. Keep reading, and you’ll get all you need to know!

Removing ceramic tile from plywood is a big job. You have to do a lot of hard work to finish it. But there is no actual cause not to handle it.

Now, let’s begin with the step by step process of removing ceramic tile from plywood.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Before starting your work, you must have to choose the proper equipment to do it;

Don’t Try a Sledgehammer

If you’re one of those people who select sledgehammers to remove ceramic tile, we suggest you don’t ever use it. Because most of the people break their floor joists by applying this method. Each hitting of the sledgehammer makes damage to the tiles. So, be careful!

What Equipment You Can Use

Removing ceramic tiles from plywood can be easily done with a few common tools. You can use a cold chisel & a small hammer to break it. It’s safe rather than a sledgehammer.

Don’t Forget To Use Safety Wears

You can suffer injuries in the working time if you are not protected properly. Broken crock of ceramic tiles can act the same as a sharp knife. So, it is hazardous to your open skin. Ensure your safety first! Remember;

  • Don’t forget to wear safety glasses.
  • Should use a dust mask.
  • Must wear leather work gloves.
  • Put on a long-sleeve shirt & pants to protect your arms & legs.
  • Use knee pads. It’s very useful when you need to kneel on the ceramic tiles.
  • Wear working toe shoes.

Checking the Condition of Plywood Under Ceramic

After choosing the right equipment, you’ll have to do some work to find out what is the condition under your ceramic floor tile.

Just pick up some tiles from the middle of the floor & check the plywood layer under the ceramic. It makes your work more accurate & easy.

Exposing the Ceramic from the Plywood Layer

Take time for your work, it will give you a better finish.

Look for Chipped Ceramic Tiles

At first, look for a piece of tiles that are cracked or chipped. Or search another area where the grout under ceramic is getting loose. Both of these areas are ideal to start removing ceramic from plywood.

If you have not found any of these, don’t worry, start your work by exposing a tile at the corner of the floor. You can hit gently with your chisel to break the piece of ceramic tiles.

Hold Your Chisel under the Ceramic Tiles

If you want to lift the tiles easily from the plywood, do a simple trick.

Just hold your chisel underneath the tiles at an angle of 30 degrees. Then you can hit it with a small hammer or mallet to remove the tile from the plywood. It’s easier than you think!

Continue Lifting Tiles From Plywood Following the Same Process

After exposing one of the tiles, you can move on for the next.

Angle the chisel under the tiles according to the right direction, hit it with a hammer or mallet; repeat until the entire ceramic tile is removed from your plywood.


Final Words

In this article, we described to you shortly that how to remove ceramic tile from plywood. There is a lot of other ways to do it, but we discussed here the easiest way we know.

We hope this helps you guys.